Shopping with Purpose – Tonight!

Tonight New City Studio in Phoenix will be hosting ‘Shopping with Purpose’ during First Fridays, where a handful of local business who give a portion of their proceeds away to charity will be setting up shop in hopes of helping some people give gifts this season with meaning.  Ransom Me will be one of the featured vendors. There will be food, wine, and live music!

Here is a sample of our new line which will be sold this evening. As you likely know by now, a portion of Ransom Me profits is donated to Streetlight USA, a Phoenix-based non-profit focused on eradicating child sex slavery in the United States. By juxtaposing the beautiful and organic with the destructive and industrial, the design illustrates the hope that exists in the midst of pain.

The event will be from 6pm-10pm tonight, Friday Dec 2nd, 2011 at New City Studio, 812 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003

Wallets for Water, another great project I’m honored to be a part of will also be showcasing at this event! Come on out!


‘Ransom Me’ Soft Launch :: Phoenix One

Phoenix One is hosting an art expo before their monthly programming tonight (Tue Aug 16).  Many talented artists will be showing off their work, and I am proud to announce that it will host the soft launch of Ransom Me jewelry! Tonight I will be selling completely new designs that also happen to be my favorite yet (I wear them nearly every day).

Tonight over 40% of our profits will be donated to Streetlight Phoenix, a local non-profit dedicated to eradicating child sex slavery in Phoenix. The average age of entry into prostitution in Phoenix is 13 years old. What a harrowing thought! It’s going on right underneath our noses. I’m a big fan of Streetlight Phoenix as they are one of the few organizations focused on building a safe house for victims of trafficking.  All too often victims of trafficking end up back in the hands of their traffickers after being rescued.  It is not uncommon for traffickers to make their victims dependent on narcotics, and so the victims will return to their captors to satisfy their addiction.  NGOs sometimes unknowingly release the victims back into the hands of  traffickers who pose as relatives or back into the hands of family members who were implicit in the trafficking. This is why it is so essential to the rehabilitation of a victim, which takes on average 6 years, to provide a safe environment where the victim can receive proper medical, psychological, and spiritual care without the interference of outside risk factors.  Streetlight Phoenix works in cooperation with the Phoenix Vice Squad and a handful of other government & non-government agencies to create a well-rounded approach to tackling this issue in Phoenix.  I love the idea of Phoenix One, a group dedicated to this city, supporting an organization that is just as sold out for helping the hurting in The Valley of the Sun.

Come on out to the event tonight! The art expo will be open from about 6:00-6:50 at Historic First Presbyterian Church! Usual Phoenix One programming to follow with special guests Brian Wurzell and Ron Merrell. Map Below:

This is my gun and these are my bullets.

Preppin’ for tonight’s Ransom Me launch.

Ransom Me is going under the knife!

My my, it has been quite a while since anyone has heard anything new about Ransom Me!

After much deliberation and many, MANY months of sitting on the back burner, it looks as though Ransom Me may be coming to the forefront of my creative endeavors again.

Many of you are familiar with a jewelry project I started called Swift Outlaw. What started out as a creative way to deal with having too much time on my hands has turned into something I’ve become rather interested in.  Around the same time I started Swift Outlaw, some doors began to open for Ransom Me and caused me to reconsider pursuing the venture again.  As I considered the amount of time and energy it would take to pursue both of these ventures at the same time, I realized…Do they have to be so separate? Is there a way I can kill two birds with one stone?

And so, I am proclaiming this the proverbial wedding night of my creative endeavors. Tonight is the night that two become one—-Swift Outlaw is now Ransom Me! The core mission of Ransom Me remains the same, to raise funding for the rehabilitation of victims of sex-trafficking, only the product we launch with has changed.

                                                        Photo cred: Keira Grace

What about the coffee mugs, you ask? They are not forgotten! I intend that, by focusing on a product more readily producible, that coffee mugs will become a more viable addition down the line. My goal right now is to start raising funds for these organizations, and I have resolved to do so in whatever is in my grasp now. Besides, I still can’t wait to see that incredible design by Chaz Russo on some stoneware! It may have to become a t-shirt in the meantime, it’s too good to be hiding in a folder on my computer.